Actual Drawing

Actual Drawing 7.4

Creates web pages without knowing HTML programming
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7.4 (See all)
Creates a page in the HTML language with advanced graphics or high-quality effects. Publishes the created pages to the FTP directly from its main interface. Optimizes the images and the added effects and checks the broken links in the code. Its own database contains 100 background images, buttons, logos, and pointers as well as 20-page templates ready for use.

Actual Drawing is a visual publishing tool that helps you make Web pages without having to know HTML, allowing you to drag and drop page content. The program has its own image manipulation tools so you don't need to use a third-party image editor - web page content can be drawn with various effects like glow, shadow, or transparency. Resolution-independent vector layers can be resized without loss of quality. The filling gradients and patterns enable to create visual effects with stunning realism. The program has easy-to-use tools to prepare custom rollover buttons; it creates necessary images and Java script. In addition, Actual Drawing has features to publish your site, create forms, and make web albums. You can check broken links with the program, and submit your pages to search engines. It also features batch processor, ready-to-use Java Scripts, and much more.

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